• Daddy Issues "Deep Dream"
  • Daddy Issues "Deep Dream"
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Daddy Issues "Deep Dream"


YOU’VE BEEN ASKIN AND HERE IT IS: THE FULL-LENGTH VINYL DEBUT FROM YR FAVORITE GRUNGE-POPPERS DADDY ISSUES. Produced by Jake Orrall (JEFF The Brotherhood, Colleen Green), Deep Dream combines the best of ’80s alternative, ’90s grunge and ’00s pop, tackling the difficulties of friendship, heartbreak, mental health, sexual assault and a number of other issues that come with the package of youth in the modern world. We sold out of our v special preorder bundle (ft those infamous FUCK YOU FOREVER koozies) in like four hours, then sold out of the limited edition translucent gold before the album even came out, and now we’re hitting you with this coke bottle clear (aka alien abduction green) vinyl. Limited to 700 copies. Don’t sleep on this, but do slip into a Deep Dream, ya know? SOLD OUT! 

Well, we sold out of those too! Can’t say we didn’t warn ya. But don’t worry because Deep Dream is back in stock in limited edition FOREVER DARK BLUE vinyl! Yep, just like yr favorite song off yr favorite album. Now get yr favorite album on vinyl before this color’s gone too!