• Reality Something "Life Noise" CS
  • Reality Something "Life Noise" CS
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Reality Something "Life Noise" CS


We are pumped to announce LIFE NOISE, the debut album from Nashville alt-rock superstars Reality Something! Life Noise is an album that came from a very dark, isolating time. It’s ten tracks of real, raw, and sometimes ugly feelings like “I am a chewed up piece of meat” and “our love is an open sore” and “I can sleep much easier with your teeth around my neck” bolstered by frontwoman Elena Franklin’s catchy as heck melodies. At the same time, there’s an intimacy in the way the album sounds — one that could only be achieved recording at home, by guitarist/producer Kingsley Brock (formerly of Turbo Fruits) in the studio he built himself. More than anything, Life Noise is about creating something out of feeling like nothing. It’s about taking yr pain and turning it into something powerful. They did it, and so can you.
Out May 4thLife Noise is limited to 200 clear cassettes w/yellow liners. First 20 copies will come with a zine-style lyric book hand-crafted by the band!