Jeff The Brotherhood



JEFF The Brotherhood was started with one goal in mind, to do or create whatever they feel with no rules or boundaries. Their latest offering is an experimental rock album called “ZONE”. It was recorded and co-produced by Collin Dupuis in a converted warehouse called Club Roar. Alicia Bognanno (Bully) makes a guest appearance on the album, she is the lead vocalist on the song “Roachin”. The album took about two weeks, 4 racks of ribs, a few dozen chicken wings, 3 pork chops, some sausage, a brisket, and a whole lot of smoke wood to make. It is the third installment in a spiritual trilogy of albums including Heavy Days (2009) and We Are The Champions (2011).

This is the WHITE VINYL EDITION of ZONE. The white preorder bundles sold out quick, so this special white vinyl is only available at, the Infinity Cathouse, and JEFF The Brotherhood’s upcoming tour dates. Very limited, once they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait, now’s the time to get into the Zone!